ODI Insider | Rare Diseases


Orphan Drugs Industry Insider | Rare Diseases is a daily-updated, subscription-based website designed to provide up-to-date information from all over the world to orphan drugs industry stakeholders.

This fully-searchable website covers every event in the life of companies which are developing orphan drugs, devices or diagnostics (should they be orphan drug arena “pure players” or not), from science to patient:

  • research
  • preclinical and clinical development
  • publications
  • manufacturing
  • regulatory (orphan drug designations, IND, NDA, CTA, filings, marketing approvals)
  • intellectual property
  • funding (private equity, IPO and further public funding, public and private grants)
  • collaborations and deals (academy/industry, industry/industry)
  • M&A
  • management moves
  • patients associations
  • product sales
  • quarterly & annual results
  • awards
  • etc

Orphan Drugs Industry Insider | Rare Diseases is for every orphan drugs industry executive, financier and consultant who needs to keep current with what is happening in this exciting life sciences industry segment. Globally.

Website access (subscription required): http://odiinsiderrarediseases.wordpress.com